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In January 2019 Back to Africa was asked by Kenya Wild Life Services to generate an action plan to save Kenya’s last roan antelope.

Working with various partners including the Mpesa foundation it was possible for interventions to be implemented which resulted in the population being safely held in a secure predator proof enclosure. With no predators, and enhanced security the population has grown to twenty animals.

On the 30 April 2022 Hamish Currie flew with Mr Ian Craig of the Northern Rangelands Trust to Ruma. They were met by KWS community warden Beatrice Singa, senior scientist, Bernard Ogwoka, rangers and graduates who are monitoring the population.  

At first time was spent walking around the main camp to find the roans. The long grass made sighting of the animals difficult which made us realize the challenges of effectively monitoring the group.

Then a meeting was held with all those present at Opuch rangers’ quarters. A number of management interventions have been implemented including the provision of mineral licks. Buffaloes were damaging the fence and they have been removed.


KWS  have an awesome team on the ground giving hope to saving Kenya’s last roan.

Thanks to all the role players including the Kenya Wild Life Service, project coordinator Nick Trent, Northern Rangelands Trust ( ), Mpesa  Foundation ( ) and  Tofauti  (,

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