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Hamish Currie flew to Nairobi on October 2022 He attended a meeting in Nanyuki with the RCFP Expert Advisory Committee for the Mountain Bongo Reintroduction and Recovery Programme for the Ragati and Chehe Forests, Mt. Kenya. Back to Africa is involved in an advisory capacity with the recovery of mountain Bongo in these forests He then went to Ruma National Park in western Kenya to visit the roan antelope project. The arrival of new animals from Tanzania has created some management challenges that needed to be addressed. Present at this meeting was George Osuri who is the Kenya Wild
Life Services deputy director of parks and reserves.

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He then went to Mpala Ranch on the invitation of the Smithsonian institute where he delivered two lectures at the Wild life Health Workshop on endangered ungulates with reference to two endangered species, the eastern mountain bongo (Tragelaphus eurycerus isaaci) and hirola (Beatragus hunter). Both occur in Kenya and are.critically endangered.
The issue of tick born diseases was a major topic of discussion.

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