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Over and above his expertise as a small animal veterinarian he also has an interest in wild animal diseases and has had a large amount of experience in the immobilisation and transport of a variety of African species.

He spent many years working with Chacma baboons in Cape in a management capacity with Cape Nature conservation. The human-wildlife interface is a special interest of his.

He lives part of the year in Hoedspruit Limpopo province where he is part of a veterinary team that is involved with wildlife management. This often involves the preventative dehorning of rhinos and the treatment of rhinos that have been shot in attempted poaching incidences.


One of the pioneers of zoo reintroductions in Africa, Hamish Currie has driven the Back to Africa project from his office in Constantia, Cape Town. He travels extensively worldwide and has forged many relationships with zoological institutions and conservationists on the African continent. He delivered papers at the CBSG and WAZA conferences in Taipei, New York and Cologne.

Hamish engineered the movement of the last northern white rhinoceros from the Czech Republic to Kenya, as well as Back to Africa antelope projects.

Phone: +27839479745 


Address: c/o Alphen Veterinary Hospital

Constantia Rd 



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