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In June 2023 Back to Africa director accompanied a group of Kenyans to visit Eswatini where  Back to Africa introduced roan antelope from European zoo’s. The last wild roan died in Eswatini in 1961 from a snare.

Tourists entering Mlilwane reserve in Eswatini now have the pleasure of seeing these antelope running free in the reserve.

 The Kenyans are involved with an initiative to restore a population of mountain Bongo at Ragati on the slopes of Mount Kenya.


This antelope is classified by CITES as an Appendix 1 endangered species. There are a handful left in the wild. Specialized management is required to take antelope from a zoo environment back to Africa. The group came to inspect habituation facilities and  see  first-hand the management interventions required to ensure their survival.

Pictured are Ted and Liz Reilly from Big Game Parks Eswatini, Kenya Wild Life Services veterinarian Dr Dominic Mjele. private veterinarian Dr Kivara Luke, Brendan Hill and Dr Hamish Currie

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